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Monday, April 29, 2013

Sanding Ovation Wood Products - a great Canadian company for all your woodworking requirements!

Fiona Campbell, one of the Directors at the KPRI, recently hired Paul Jackson of Sanding Ovations to complete 56' of handrail, baseboards, trim boards and crown mouldings to replicate the original designs from 1960's. He is able to match any existing trim, and is also able to create doors and windows.
His work is excellent and Fiona is thrilled. Contact him via his website for more info:

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

NOTICE OF PUBLIC MEETING - Rezoning of the Queensway between Mimico Creek and Kipling


Tues. May 14th, 2013.
10:30 am or as soon as possible thereafter
Etobicoke civic Centre, Council Chamber
399 The West Mall, Toronto. ON.
M9C 2Y2

P.S.  This meeting is held the same day as the 3:00 pm Humbertown meeting across from IKEA.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Notice of a Public Meeting for the Humbertown Redevelopment - May 14th at 3:00pm.

Date: May 14, 2013
Time: 3:00pm or as soon as possible thereafter
Place: Church on the Queensway 1536 The Queensway (across from IKEA)

This application proposes to amend the Etobicoke Zoning Code, as amended, to permit a mixed-use development comprised of 5 (five) buildings and 28 townhouse units along Lambeth Rd.
Three of these buildings will be residential ranging in heigh from 8-12 storeys with commercial/office on the ground and second floors.
Two of the buildings are stand-alone two-storey commercial building with offices and/or commercial above.

A total of 604 residential units and approximately 53,060 m squared of residential gross floor area and approximately 21, 837 m squared of non-residential gross floor area is proposed.

Detailed information regarding the proposal including background information and material, can be obtained by contacting Michael Hynes, Senior Planner at 416-394-8228 or

You are invited to attend the public meeting to make your views known regarding the proposal. 

If you wish to submit written comments, please forward them to the City Clerk, attention: Rosemary MacKenzie, Administrator, Etobicoke York Community Council, , at the address set out in this
notice or by Fax: 416-394-5600 or by e-mail to
Etobicoke York Community Council will review the proposal.and any other material placed before
it, in order to make recommendations on the application. These recommendations will then be forwarded to Toronto Citv Council for its consideration.

Before you start construction or hire a contractor, read this!

From a neighbour in the Kingsway area:

"I am sure many of you have suffered from the abusive noises being generated by gas powered concrete chop saws. While I could regale you with a plethora of facts and legislation which prohibit the current practices, I believe that we can get some quick action going throughout our neighbourhoods with the "Good Neighbour" information approach as suggested in the attached information sheet which we could e-mail around to our close friends and neighbours for those of you who agree with the approach.

If I may steal a page from a Toronto Police Neighbourhood Watch Session, vandals will look for an easy place to break into first and just move on if a place looks secure. So it is with some Contractors, they don't want a hassle from well informed home owners or neighbours they simply want to bull their way through any situation and get paid as soon as possible.

You may find Ontario Ministry of Labour (MOL) information on occupational health and safety issues related to construction noise at: . The little chart below is a screen grab from one of the videos on the MOL site."